The focal points of Reed Alexander’s writing is almost always something that “causes him to froth at the mouth,” (in his own words). Whether it’s the politics of the day, notable human behavior that seems to be trending, general public opinion without any credibility, what he calls modern anti-intellectualism, or pop culture that seems to be running away with itself, he always has some level of negative criticism which reduces the public at large to a pack of marauding troglodytes being ruled by used car salesmen.

From the perspectives of Reed Alexander, the world is one marvelous catastrophe waiting to happen, and this is what motivates him to write. The author attempts to see the world at large from the outside in abstract, and uses this vantage point as the pinion for his stories to take flight. In essence, Reed Alexander hopes to leave his works behind him with a moral lesson; a sort of “I told you so.” He does this in the hopes that any survivors or intergalactic explorers can look upon his works and hopefully learn a thing or two at the great failed experiment called human society.

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